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Date: Wed, Sep 7, 2022 at 8:05 AM
Subject: Contributions to SaiLights Magazine
To: Balu Karanam <>, Aruna Suvendran <>, Krishna Ramoutar <>, Sri Jeevaprakash <>, Kumuthini Coomarasamy <>, Malla Singh <>

Sai Ram Dear National Presidents,

Please forward this message:

Loving Sairams to All!  I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy the
summer and are staying well.


With Swami’s abundant Grace, and
your steady and timely support, we have completed a year of SaiLights!  We were able to offer Volumes 1, 2, and 3 directly
at the Maha Samadhi; we thank Swami
profusely for this great blessing.  


Now we turn our attention to
Volume 4 of this united, collaborative effort: 
the Birthday issue planned to be offered to Swami on November 23, 2022.  A
special request:
In the guidelines that follow, you will see that Item 3
is a contribution we are soliciting from Center members.  Please explain to devotees this request
from the SaiLights team, and keep it
on their radar screens with timely reminders.
  It is a way for all of us to reflect on
Swami’s presence in our day-to-day lives and thank Him!  Thank you for doing that.



Guidelines for Volume 4 of SaiLights,
magazine of the Sri Sathya Sai Global Council (SSSGC), Zone 1


What is the deadline for contributions? 


Monday, October 10, is the
deadline for all contributions
By Swami’s Grace, we will offer the publication to Swami on November
23, 2022
, Swami’s 97th Birthday. 


What will Center contributions consist of?


Please see below the
contributions requested from Center Presidents and Center members






Center President

Submit as part of your quarterly report:  (instructions will be forthcoming)


Per Report

§ Please submit good quality


Center President

2. “In Focus”: A closer look (detailed description) of one
or two activities you would like to showcase


Two paragraphs, or 200 words per activity

§ You could highlight
an initiative that stands out for some reason (for example, because it is of
large scale, or innovative, or not done before, or very successful, etc)

Center members

3. A personal experience, regarding
, as opposed to coincidence

Presidents to please communicate this request to members)


200 words




What does the SaiLights
team want from Center members?


SaiLights to
Center members:
We would like to hear from you
of any personal experience relating to a “Sai-incidence.”  Have there been times when something
unexpectedly went your way?  When you
were searching for something and about to give up, and what you were looking
for turned up from the blue?  When you
expected to be very late for an important meeting, and suddenly the meeting
itself was postponed?  And in such
instances, did you brush it off as good luck or a coincidence—or did it strike
you that it may be a “Sai-incidence”, where our beloved Swami was giving you a
break, helping you out, or perhaps even saving your life? 
Please share with us your
“Sai-incidence” story: it will be a wonderful way to thank Swami, on His
Birthday, for being ever present in our lives!  Please keep your writeup to about two
paragraphs or 200 words.  Thank you!


What is the submissions link?


Please use this form for submitting your contributions:


How to contact the SaiLights team?


Please write to


Nothing pleases Swami more than when, together, we all unite to support,
contribute, and inspire each other as we make an offering to Him.  It is our privilege to share this information
with each other, with other Zones, with Prasanthi Nilayam, and with all earnest
spiritual aspirants in our communities and around the world.    So
let’s put in our best for Swami, as you have been doing, and launch our Volume
4 work with sincere prayers to Him!


Loving Sairams


Axay Kalathia

Zone 1 Chair


Brief History


Sri Sathya Sai Baba was born in Puttaparthi on Nov 23, 1926 – an auspicious Monday in the lunar month of Kartika, when Lord Shiva is especially adored.

His Life
Sri Sathya Sai Baba was born in Puttaparthi on Nov 23, 1926 – an auspicious Monday in the lunar month of Kartika, when Lord Shiva is especially adored. He was given the name Sathyanarayana Raju. What intrigued His mother Easwaramma, most was the unbounded compassion her little Sathya had particularly for the poor and downtrodden. Even as a toddler, He insisted that the beggar at the door be served well in spite of their own limited means and would often give His own share to the needy. When He began school, His playmates were inspired by His ability to lead them to be socially responsible, spiritually aware, endowed with individual and national character. His friends were often fascinated by His extraordinary powers of creating things out of thin air, knowing the future, deep understanding of scriptural wisdom and so on.
The Childhood

The Raju family of Puttaparthi was noted for its piety since the days of the renowned sage, Venkavadhootha, a saintly ancestor who was looked upon as a Guru in hundreds of villages around. Not only did the family build and endow the Gopalaswami Temple (dedicated to Lord Krishna), but Sri Ratnakaram Kondama Raju, the grandfather of Baba’s physical frame, dedicated a temple to Sathyabhama, consort of Lord Krishna, a deity to whom this type of homage is seldom offered in any part of India. Peasants by vocation, they were known for their musical and dramatic talent and were much involved in the propagation of the sacred scriptures through village plays and musicals. Consequently, the family was given the name ‘Bhat Raju’ (Bhat – priest)

The Advent

23rd of November, 1926, the Hindu year of Akshaya, meaning, the Never-declining, the Ever-full. It was the time of sunrise and the villagers were chanting the names of Lord Shiva, remembering that the day was Karthika Somavara, a Monday of the Holy Month of Karthika, devoted to the puja (worship) of Shiva. That day was made even more auspicious for Shiva worship because the ascendant star was Ardra (the star of Shiva). On this day, when these rare and propitious signs came together, the people thronged the temples of the Lord to offer special pujas and pray for His benediction.

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