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Sai Ram Dear All,


Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and safe 2022. Please remember to follow your local and national governmental recommendations when planning your center/group in-person meetings.


Let us join together with the worldwide SSSGC family to express our gratitude to our beloved Swami for His ever-present grace that has guided us to meet with the many challenges posed during 2021.   In addition to facing the various natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes, an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and societal divisiveness, the Sai community also encountered an organizational challenge. 


An initiative to strengthen the Sri Sathya Sai Mission by uniting the various Sri Sathya Sai Institutions was met with resistance and misunderstanding, leading many individuals, centers, and groups to disassociate from the birthplace and epicenter of Swami’s organization, Prasanthi Nilayam.  Despite these ‘bumps in the road’, the Sri Sathya Sai Global Council was inaugurated and offered to Swami on Guru Poornima, July 24, 2021.   His Divine Will manifested in this official, united organization, with a heritage going back over 50 years,  with an enhanced structure that serves as the beacon of light and love around the world, and that will continue to do so for countless future generations.


Each devotee was presented with a spiritual test, to go deep within, to use their discrimination, using the right motivation, to choose to support the best path for His organization. Devotees aligning with the SSSGC chose loyalty to principles over friends and personalities, allegiance to Prasanthi Nilayam over individuals, concern for the long-term health of His organization over the short-term, and dedication to the spirit of Swami’s teachings of Unity over fragmented misuse of selected statements leading to separation.


The guiding principles of unity, collaboration, independence, and transparency laid the groundwork for moving forward. Devotees rallied with renewed fervor, centering around following both the letter and spirit of Sri Sathya Sai’s teachings.


Further challenges in the form of misinformation caused concerns for many, which with His grace, have been dismantled, and devotees and centers are continuing to join regularly as experience has given them confidence. A sample of the concerns addressed are highlighted in the attached document.   


The amount of loving service, devotional, and educational activities that devotees have been engaged in over the past 5 months has been awe inspiring.  Please refer to our Birthday newsletter located on our website to refresh your memory.    In December, Christmas celebrations were in full swing with a special Zone 1 Christmas Program featuring Dana Gillespie, Christmas carols by the SSSE children, an inspiring talk “Learning about Jesus” by the YA’s, along with a special “Small Miracles, Great Love” Christmas offering led by the USA -Region 3 YA’s.


Moving forward for 2022, in addition to continuing with the same great initiatives at the Zonal, National, Regional and Center levels discussed in the link above, samples of further elevating programs in the works for 2022 are highlighted in the attached document.  


It is only His guidance and grace that make these past and any future events possible. We continue to collectively pray to Swami for more opportunities to unite and serve our communities. As we embark upon this New Year, we welcome all devotees with open hearts and arms to come and join the SSSGC. Let us all join and toil together in harmony, putting aside any past misunderstandings and differences. Together, let us Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never.



With Most Loving Sairams,


SSSGC, Zone 1 National Presidents and Chair

  1. SSSGC Zone 1 Concerns Addressed
  2. SSSGC Zone 1 Initiatives 2022

Brief History


Sri Sathya Sai Baba was born in Puttaparthi on Nov 23, 1926 – an auspicious Monday in the lunar month of Kartika, when Lord Shiva is especially adored.

His Life
Sri Sathya Sai Baba was born in Puttaparthi on Nov 23, 1926 – an auspicious Monday in the lunar month of Kartika, when Lord Shiva is especially adored. He was given the name Sathyanarayana Raju. What intrigued His mother Easwaramma, most was the unbounded compassion her little Sathya had particularly for the poor and downtrodden. Even as a toddler, He insisted that the beggar at the door be served well in spite of their own limited means and would often give His own share to the needy. When He began school, His playmates were inspired by His ability to lead them to be socially responsible, spiritually aware, endowed with individual and national character. His friends were often fascinated by His extraordinary powers of creating things out of thin air, knowing the future, deep understanding of scriptural wisdom and so on.
The Childhood

The Raju family of Puttaparthi was noted for its piety since the days of the renowned sage, Venkavadhootha, a saintly ancestor who was looked upon as a Guru in hundreds of villages around. Not only did the family build and endow the Gopalaswami Temple (dedicated to Lord Krishna), but Sri Ratnakaram Kondama Raju, the grandfather of Baba’s physical frame, dedicated a temple to Sathyabhama, consort of Lord Krishna, a deity to whom this type of homage is seldom offered in any part of India. Peasants by vocation, they were known for their musical and dramatic talent and were much involved in the propagation of the sacred scriptures through village plays and musicals. Consequently, the family was given the name ‘Bhat Raju’ (Bhat – priest)

The Advent

23rd of November, 1926, the Hindu year of Akshaya, meaning, the Never-declining, the Ever-full. It was the time of sunrise and the villagers were chanting the names of Lord Shiva, remembering that the day was Karthika Somavara, a Monday of the Holy Month of Karthika, devoted to the puja (worship) of Shiva. That day was made even more auspicious for Shiva worship because the ascendant star was Ardra (the star of Shiva). On this day, when these rare and propitious signs came together, the people thronged the temples of the Lord to offer special pujas and pray for His benediction.

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