Sixth session study material, Dr. Andrew DeMil, April 23, 2022



A very loving Sai Ram to all of you from the Zone 1 Sri Sathya Sai Educational Program (SSSEP) committee members.


Gauging from the feedback we received, we are glad that you are enjoying and benefitting from the biweekly Saturday sessions of the Sri Sathya Sai Awareness course. We thank Swami for allowing us to continue to bask in His Awareness course. When possible, please visit the discussion forum to read the summaries posted by the other breakout sessions and the feedback provided by the guest speakers.


The sixth session will be held on Saturday, APRIL 23rd, from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm EST.  All are encouraged to log in at 12:30 pm EST and enjoy Swami’s darshan video until 1 pm.


Dr. Andrew DeMil is our guest speaker for the sixth session, and his brief bio sketch can be found on the SSSEP webpage. Attached is the reading material for the sixth session. Dr. DeMil has kindly provided the two questions he would like all participants to discuss in their breakout rooms on April 23rd: 


1. How do we develop the practice of self-inquiry? What are the disciplines/practices that can help us perform self-inquiry?

2. Swami says not to react to criticism. How can we learn to do this in our daily life, especially if that criticism will have a major impact on our life, job, the view our colleagues have about us, etc.?

See you on April 23rd!

In the Loving Service of Sai,🙏

Raja Rao (USA), Chair
Jaysai Ghayal (USA), Co-Chair
Ananthy Mahendran (Canada)
Gaitree Marajh (Trinidad &Tobago)
Jason Carpenter (USA)