SaiLights Announcement

Volume 3

Sai Center Members

Sai Ram and warm greetings from the SaiLights Team!  By the Grace of Swami, our second issue of SaiLights was offered at the MahaSamadhi on the occasion of the Aradhana Mahotsavam.  We are deeply grateful to Swami for this special privilege and mark of His blessing for our collective work on the magazine—and more fundamentally for the all the work being carried out by Zone 1 Centers and Committees.

Now we excitedly look forward to the next issue of SaiLights.

01 Offering

Sailights issue offered on July 13, 2022

With Swami’s Grace, this issue will be offered at the MahaSamadhi altar on Guru Purnima Day, July 13, 2022 as part of the Zonal Pilgrimage: Pathway to Prasanthi.  It is a special privilege and unique opportunity for us to do our very best for Swami!

02 Deadline

Deadline to submit articles is June 10, 2022

Deadline for all SaiLights submissions is June 10. This will be a firm deadline, as the magazine will need to be finalized before key players leave for Puttaparthi.

03 Submissions

Seeking Contributions from All

Submissions will consist of contributions from National and Regional Presidents, Zonal Committees, Sai Center Presidents, and individual Center members.  Detailed guidance is provided below.

04 Letters

Letters of gratitude Submission

Devotees may submit Letters of Gratitude to Swami, which will be published in SaiLights and offered at the altar on Guru Purnima day—a huge opportunity not to be missed!!


for Committee, Center, and Individual



will consist of short

updates, highlighting:

  • new developments since the last issue
  • achievements
  • challenges faced


will consist of

updates with:

  • Bulleted information on the four wings (Service, Sri Sathya Sai Education (SSSE), Devotion, and Young Adults) covering recent developments, events, and achievements.
  • One or two “In Focus” boxes, showcasing one or two projects or activities that you think may inspire or be of interest to other Centers/ fellow devotees.
  • Information on your Easwaramma Day program (you may include bulleted information, program summary, and/or “In Focus” covering Group 3 or Group 4 items).
  • Information on your Graduation Day program (you may include information on guest speakers and their speeches, as well as graduating students’ speeches).


will consist of

the following:

  • Articles from individuals on their personal Guru Purnima experiences in Puttaparthi (two- or three-paragraph reflections on what being in Puttaparthi for Guru Purnima felt like, its impact on them, what they took away from the experience, etc.)

    (Word count: No more than 150 words.)
  • Letters of Gratitude from individuals wishing to express their gratitude to Swami – note that the letters will be published in SaiLights and offered at the Mahasamadhi altar on Guru Purnima Day…a wonderful and unique opportunity!

    (Word count: No more than 150 words. Name and Center information is optional)

SSSGC SaiLights Team

Thank you for your cooperation.  The June 10 deadline gives you about a month to prepare your submissions.  It is tight but we believe this extra effort on your part will be highly worthwhile, given the special privilege of offering SaiLights at Swami’s Divine Lotus Feet on Guru Purnima day.

a few good, solid contributions would be acceptable (quality over quantity)

…please see below the button to upload the articles:

Friday, June 10th deadline

11:59pm EDT, 10:49pm CDT, 09:59pm MDT, 08:59pm PDT

Your feedback is highly welcome

submissions by more centers

submissions by more centers would be wonderful; in other words, even a few good pieces, from a larger number of centers, would make for a very nice report.

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