Zone 1 Announcements

Sai Ram Dear National Presidents and Zonal Committee Chairs:

February 9, 2023
Announcement 1


This note is specifically for Center Presidents.  I recently emailed our leadership team requesting submissions for Volume 5 of the Zone 1 SaiLights magazine.  In one part of that email, I asked Center Presidents to convey to their center members a request from the SaiLights team to all devotees – to share a unique story or personal experience on how Swami came into their lives.  We have attached the flyer to help you with this task.  Kindly share this flyer with your center members. It lays out clearly what we are looking for.   Thank you!

Dear Sai Devotee:  Do you have a “Special Story” or “Personal Experience” to share about how Swami came into your life?

SaiLights, the magazine of the SSSGC Zone 1, cordially invites you to share your story with the Sai family for publication in its Volume 5, which we aim to offer at His Lotus Feet on Aradhana Day, April 24, 2023. Friday, March 10 -Last date to submit (200 words in length). You can use the link below to submit the article.

Announcement 2

Zone 1 Conference presentation material

Kindly click on the link below to access the presentation material

Announcement 3

Center Leaders Conference (CLC)

Click on the link below to access the promotional material for the upcoming CLC at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Announcement 4

Zone 1 Conference Videos

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