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Sai Ram Dear National Presidents and Zonal Committee Chairs:

May 17, 2023

Sai Ram Dear Center Presidents,

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  1. Green Team – EARTH SUPER CHAMP awards
Announcement 1

Green Team - EARTH SUPER CHAMP awards

For Earth Day the GREEN TEAM received more than 50 individual submissions and some team submissions. We will recognize the teams that, as a Center, did a joint effort in Go Green activities. Since each of the individual submissions were thought-provoking, original and innovative, the GREEN TEAM will confer all submissions with an EARTH CHAMP certificate. In addition, in the different categories ( art, poems, movie), we have conferred EARTH SUPER CHAMP awards to a few submissions that were reviewed by the team and we hope this will spur others to join in this noble effort to restore MOTHER EARTH in all her glory. HAPPY MOTHER ‘s DAY to all the mothers. Congratulations to all EARTH SUPER CHAMPs on the joyous occasion of Mother’s Day. Keep up the good work!

Individual certificates will be sent to each one of the submissions. Some teams also submitted their earth day activities, we will be doing a separate group felicitation to each of the team submissions.


5Rs Activities

Akul Sai Group 2 Jacksonville – Eco-friendly Wagon

Sai Varenya – Group 2- Jacksonville – Pista Shells Cup Holder


Dhruva Gadiparthi – Group 3- Jacksonville-Poem-Earth’s Torment

Anvi Kaushik – Group 2 – Alpharetta – Poem – Earth Day Poem

Isha Bala – Group 3-Jacksonville-Poem- Earth Poem

Abhinav Mortha- Group 3- Indianapolis-Poem-Living Green for a Greener World

Shruthi Chevala-Group 3- Jacksonville-Poem-Farmer



Aruna Iyer Group 2 Dallas – Save the Earth Artwork

Karthik Guna-Group 2- Charlotte – Art on Samastha LoKaha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Lohith Mohan – Group 1- Houston – Art on Values and Sai Garden

Manvitha Madali – Group 1- Jacksonville- Art on Getting our city Go Green

Sai Sameeksha- Group 2- Gwinnet, MA- Art work on Stop Pollution

Soham Gautam-Group 1-Houston – Artwork on Human Values and Sai



Arokya Annamaneni-Group 2- Sacramento – Movie on Clean Earth

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. Let us Help the Environment and Act with Love.


Dr. Axay Shanthi Kalathia

SSSGC Zone 1 – Chair