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Zonal Committees 

Zonal committees are established to develop specific areas and programs.  These committees plan, advise and coordinate specific areas of work in the zone and advise Zone Chair accordingly. These committees work closely with the National Councils to help implement various functions and activities.  The following are current committees in Zone 1: 

  • Vedas and Sacred Chants: Discuss and facilitate the introduction, teaching and regular practice of Veda chanting.  Also incorporate education for meaning and significance as well as planning for periodic group sessions for world peace.  Also explore educating on short chants from multiple faith traditions.

  • Cultural Integration and Outreach: Explore commonalities and differences with Eastern vs Western cultures with regards to speech, customs, rituals, and norms so that each can understand each other better to further enhance quality of interactions and communication at center events, community service events, and any other community wide interactions.

  • Call Sai: Set up means by which members can serve fellow members in need. Keep database of skill sets, volunteers who are willing to help and a common number to call to be directed to the right people.

  • Humanitarian Relief: Help coordinate evaluation response and education regarding floods, fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes with coordination for providing relief supplies and support.

  • Sri Sathya Sai Program for Awareness of Human Values and Educare (SSSPAVE): Teaching opportunities in the community that are values based.  Also provide template to approach low income/disadvantaged local school systems to offer volunteer tutors to help children with homework on site or virtually.

  • Ladies’ Wing: Discussion and support group to meet periodically to discuss issues and concerns and set up subcommittees.

  • Media/Tech: Development and support for all media and tech related areas including electronic communications, database management, website design and management, social media including TV, Radio, and electronic newsletter.  

  • Social Justice: Use Sathya Sai Teachings to help understand and guide various social issues we are facing in our communities.

  • Educational Programs: Separate from regular center Education programs which are under the direction of the Devotional coordinator. This committee will address special programs for young and older adults including Human Values, Awareness and Leadership courses which can be completed with culmination of certificate presentation and ceremony in Prasanthi Nilayam.

  • Environmental Awareness/Green Team: Discuss ways to educate and implement awareness of environmentally related issues and to recommend tips and best practices for use by devotees at home and at Sai functions. 

  • Medical Committee: Resource for all medical related service opportunities in our Zone and liaison for opportunities around the world including Swami’s institutions in India.

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