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Christmas 2022 Choir Update and ZOOM MEETING on 20th November 2022

---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Axay Kalathia <> Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2022 at 5:50 AM Subject: Fwd: Christmas 2022 Choir Update and ZOOM MEETING on 20th November 2022 To: Balu Karanam <>, Aruna Suvendran <>, Krishna Ramoutar <>, Sri Jeevaprakash <>, Kumuthini Coomarasamy <>, Malla Singh <>

Sai Ram Dear National Presidents, 

Please forward this email with attachments regarding Christmas choir in Prasanthi Nilayam. 

Message sent from my phone. 

Subject: Christmas 2022 Choir Update and ZOOM MEETING on 20th November 2022

Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters,

I am sending this mail on behalf of sister Tanja Goldberg, who is conducting the Adults Christmas Choir at Prasanthi this year. Also, the information is pertinent to the Children's Choir that is being conducted by Sister Peng. The session will hopefully be attended by the members who are travelling to Prasanthi for Christmas this year and also those who potentially will be there. The session will endeavour to give details of practise sessions and the venues where these will be conducted.

Also, attached are the songs for the Adults Choir and the Children's Choir. The idea is that these may be practiced before members arrive in Prasanthi, which could make it easier for the singers and the conductor.

The times for the ZOOM session are based on 1.30pm London Time on Sunday the 20th of November 2022.

New York 8.30am, 

Florida 8.30am

Los Angeles 5.30am

Johannesburg 3.30pm

Bahrain 4.30pm

Dubai 5.30pm

India 7.00pm

Sydney 12.30am Monday

Perth 9.30pm

New Zealand 2.30am Monday

Jakarta 8.30pm

Singapore 9.30pm

Kuala Lumpur 9.30pm

Kathmandu 7.15pm

The LINK for the zoom meeting is as follows

Meeting ID: 890 6880 2890

Passcode: 555873

A flyer is attached as well.

Let us all pray to Swami that we all come together and have a joyous Christmas celebration at Prasanthi. The effort of all you is required to make this such an event. Let us all make it happen.

See you all on Sunday the 20th, check your local times for joining in.

Regards and Love

Murali K

Christmas Committee 2022

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