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SAI INSPIRES - Sep 21, 2023

Your Connection to Prasanthi Nilayam

SAI INSPIRES Zone 1 Bulletin September 21, 2023


What is SaiLights?

Answers to the quiz are at the bottom of this bulletin!

Frequently Asked Questions? If you or anyone you know is new to your center, share with them these responses to frequently asked questions.

Fun Trivia:

At what age did Sri Sathya Sai Baba first receive a driver’s license?

The answer and the story behind it will be given in the next SaiLights Issue!

Contribute to SaiLights

Submission deadline for Swami’s Birthday issue: October 17 We encourage ALL devotees to submit articles and information regarding any service, devotional or educational activity from all branches of the SSSGC!

Tune into Prasanthi Music

The Challenge to Ganesha

Quiz Answer Key: 3,4,5,4

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