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Zone 1 Announcements - May 24, 2023

Sai Ram Dear National Presidents and Zonal Committee Chairs:

Sai Ram Dear Center Presidents,

Please present each week’s zonal announcements during the center meeting and, if possible, show the location and layout of the website via a projector. This way, members will become familiar with access to the latest announcements on our website announcement page.

Link to website announcement page:

Please scroll down to view the announcements for the week of May 24, 2023.

Announcement 1: Reminder to Complete Study Circles Announcement 2: Reminder to Contribute to SaiLIghts


Announcement 1

Reminder to Complete Study Circles

Study Guides: Sai Ram, the link below contains the 10 study guides developed by the Prasanthi SSS Center Leaders Program Team. All centers are encouraged to conduct study circles using these guides prior to June 15th and to provide feedback to your regional and national teams that can be shared during the SSSCLC in Prasanthi July 4th and 5th.


Announcement 2

Reminder: Zone 1, SaiLights Magazine-Volume 6-Request for Contributions for The Guru Poornima Issue

Reminder : SaiLights submissions. All, including seniors, young adults, and children are encouraged to send your experiences and reflections prior to June 1, 2023 as per below:


By Swami’s Grace, we offered SaiLights Volume 5 at the Maha Samadhi on Aradhana Day, April 24, 2023. What’s next? Our Guru Poornima issue, which we aim to offer to Swami on July 3, 2023. As always, we reach out to you for your contributions–but as our timeframe is tight this time around, we have significantly trimmed down our request.

Please review carefully the instructions below:

What do Center Presidents need to do?

  1. Submit a 500-800 word report on your Center’s Easwaramma Day Celebrations

  • What were the main items in the program? (plays, music, talks, graduation, etc)

  • What did each of the four SSSE Groups present? Please use bullet points.

  • Please include 5-6 (max 10) high resolution photographs, we will pick a few; no collages please

  1. Forward to all Center members. We would appreciate it if you could send it as a standalone email.

COMMUNICATION TO CENTER MEMBERS: Dear Center Members: Would you like to share your experiences and reflections with the Sai Family? Zone 1’s SaiLights magazine would love to hear from you!

Please see the four questions below–one for all Center members, one for SSSE Gurus, one for SSSE Parents, and one for YAs. Please do share your thoughts vis-a-vis any or all of these roles, as relevant. For example, if you are an SSSE parent who is also an SSSE Guru, you could respond to a, b, and c; or only a; or only b and c, etc. You get the idea!

  1. All Center members: What is your favorite Sai Quote? Share with us your favorite quotation of Swami and why it means so much to you.

  2. SSSE Gurus: What made you want to be an SSSE Guru? Tell us what prompted you to become an SSSE Guru and how the experience has compared with your expectations.

  3. SSSE Parents: What is the biggest impact that SSSE has had on your child? Please share your thoughts on this important question and provide some examples or anecdotes.

  4. Young Adults: How do you connect to Sai as Guru? On the occasion of Guru Poornima, it would be very nice to hear your reflections on how you connect to Swami as Guru (as opposed to God, Friend, or Mother, for example).

INSTRUCTIONS: >> Submissions are due June 1, 2023 >> Please limit your responses to about 300 words >> Please upload your responses here: >> You may contact the SaiLights Team at

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